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Sale of Asian ingredients from more than 10 countries including Nepal, India, Pakistan and Philippines

Nepal/India Restaurant HIMALAYAN BAR
Serving authentic curry, naan and tandoori dishes prepared by an authentic chef.

Remittance business to countries around the world.

We hope that it will be useful to everyone regardless of country, such as Nepal, Japan, or India. Let's do our best for that!

Seven Samurai International supports studying abroad from Nepal to Japan and is developing a business to enrich the food of Asians living in Japan.
In the future, the business environment will change rapidly, and the utilization of human resources including labor from overseas will become an important management issue for all companies, and support for job seekers including human resources from overseas and important issues for companies.

International Education Center

At Seven Samurai International, by learning Japanese and Japan before studying abroad from Nepal to Japan,
We run a language school so that you can live in Japan more smoothly.

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