privacy policy

Seven Samurai International Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") will properly manage the personal information provided by all people. We strive to protect your privacy.

1. Collection of personal information

As a general rule, it is not necessary to provide personal information such as name, telephone number, address, and email address when browsing this site. If you do any of the following, please provide your personal information from this site.

  • Application for various services
  • Quotation / Inquiry
2. Protection of personal information

We will keep your personal information confidential and will not disclose or provide it to any third party without your consent, except as described in Section 3, "Use of Personal Information". An administrator is assigned to each department that handles personal information, and business is carried out in accordance with this standard.

3. Use of personal information

We will use your personal information in the following cases at a minimum, but in that case we may disclose it to a third party and use it. In this case as well, we will instruct a third party to protect personal information based on this personal information handling guideline.

  • When publishing on this site for service planning and service improvement.
  • When we aggregate and analyze for service planning and improvement.
  • When notifying our service information by direct mail.
  • When there is an urgent need for human life, body, property, etc.
4. Respect for will

If you wish to correct, delete, or refuse to use personal information, we will respect that intention and respond promptly within a reasonable range. In addition, if the service you applied for cannot be performed due to the procedure, or for other damages including special damages due to the procedure, the customer shall be liable and the Company shall not be liable at all.

5. About the use of cockie

To use the website more conveniently and track your browsing history, this site has pages that use a technique called "cockie". Cockie is an industry standard technology that allows web servers to identify computers. Cockie on this site does not collect any personally identifiable information. Depending on your browser, you can change that setting to disable the cockie feature.

If you disable cockie, you may not be able to use all or part of the services of this site. We also protect the information obtained from cockie according to this standard.

6. Safety measure

We will take reasonable technical and organizational safety measures against risks such as unauthorized access to personal information and loss, destruction, falsification, leakage of personal information.

7. Revision of this standard

Regarding the personal information we hold, we will review and improve the efforts of each of the above items.

Established in September 2021

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