We receive a support entrustment from a company that employs foreigners and play a role in carrying out a support plan for foreigners.

In order for foreigners with specific skills No. 1 to be able to carry out stable and smooth activities while staying in Japan, the host organization entrusts support for work life, daily life, and social life to the host organization. .

●Implementation of advance guidance

Explanation of the contents of the employment contract, matters necessary for entry into Japan, conditions of residence, etc.
Even after concluding a contract, before applying for a certificate of eligibility or before applying for permission to change the status of residence, explanations about working conditions, details of activities, immigration procedures, etc. * Face-to-face or videophone explanations.

●Airport transfer at the time of immigration

Transportation from the airport to the office or residence when entering the country.
Includes transportation to the airport check-in counter upon departure.

● Support for appropriate housing

Support such as housing search and advice.

●Contract support necessary for daily life

Bank account opening, mobile phone contract, other necessary support, etc.

● Post-arrival life orientation

Japanese rules and etiquette training for a smooth life in Japan.
Provide necessary information about hospitals, government offices, etc., and explain how to respond in the event of a disaster. *Performed face-to-face.

●Accompanying formal procedures

If necessary, we will accompany you on various administrative procedures such as social insurance and tax.

● Support for learning Japanese necessary for daily life

Information on Japanese language school enrollment information, Japanese learning materials, etc.

●Consultation on daily life and social life

We accept complaints and consultations about work and life in your native language.

●Support for promoting exchanges with Japanese people

Encourage the participation of residents' associations and guide them to places where they can interact with local residents.

●Support for new jobs

In addition to preparing a letter of recommendation, we also support the search for a new job when the employment contract is terminated due to the host company's circumstances, and support the necessary administrative procedures such as receiving unemployment benefits during that period.

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